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Helping People Access Flow To Improve Energy & Clarity

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The Every Day Energy Masterclass

The proven way busy Professionals and Executives unlock more energy and mental clarity than they've felt in years, without dieting, special exercise programs or supplements!

About Me

My name is Mark Dowsett and I’m a sought-after coach, trainer and the founder of Reboot Coaching.

I’m best known for helping Overworked Professionals & Executives achieve greater productivity, while working fewer hours and having more time and energy for their families.

I’m a certified Integral Coach and Functional Neurology Practitioner who has spent over 20 years balancing a career in Corporate Sales & Management with striving to stay healthy and be a great father to my 2 daughters.


Inside you’ll discover:

  • The single most important thing Overworked Professionals & Executives must know about their free time, if they want to break the cycle of stress.
  • How my clients get pay raises and promotions without working weekends.
  • 3 little-known ways to having more energy and clarity each morning (#2 will likely surprise you.)
  • Why my clients always have time and energy to play with their kids and pursue their interests and how you can steal their secret and use it for yourself.
  • How anyone who wants to be more successful at work should NOT work longer hours! New discovery shows more effective and easier way to spend your time.

This online masterclass is FREE to attend and it’s only for Overworked Professionals & Executives who are open to new ideas, willing to take action and are determined to enjoy life!

About Me

What People Say

 Mark is good at keeping an open and safe environment free of judgement. This makes it easy to open up and answer honestly."


 Mark does a good job of listening and helping highlight patterns in your life that you may not have noticed. I personally realized that I was viewing life as something that happened to me, instead of taking ownership of it and my own happiness, etc. It was eyeopening to have Mark ask good questions to help me show myself that I was thinking and acting like this."

A.B.Account Manager

 Focused and attentive, Mark listened to me and set goals accordingly."

B.P.Program Manager

How I Work


An initial Video call, to understand your Situation and Goals.


If we're a good fit, then we agree the scope of the Coaching Program.


Most people know what they 'should' do. My job as a Coach is to set you up for Success. This involves ensuring that objectives are clear, realistic and then challenging you, if you're not sticking to them!

No matter what your goal is - more energy, a more positive mindset, enjoying your family time more, all while being more successful at work - we'll get you there!